Timba Build EHB60 2 Part Epoxy Based Filler 400ml

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Quick Overview
Key benefits
• For repairs up to 60mm depth
• Solvent Free - suitable for indoors and outdoors.
• Thixotropic - Ideal for Vertical & Horizontal applications.
• Cartridge System Ensures Accurate Mixing.
• High Strength & Durability.
• Fast and Simple to Use, Easy to Clean and Store.
• Used with the EWS (13908 - Related Products) primer system.
• Cured and ready for painting within four hours (at 20-45ºC).
• Suitable for Splicing Repairs and as an adhesive. (Lamination)
• Used in Renovation contracts to restore listed buildings.
• Epoxy formulation does not shrink and gives an excellent bond.
• VOC A+
Timbabuild® EHB60 Professional two-part thixotropic 1:1 ratio mix solvent free, epoxy based wood filler. It is specially designed for large and extensive repairs to areas of damaged and rot affected timber. For repairs up to 60mm depth. Designed for both horizontal and vertical applications. It will also directly treat the timber to prevent any further occurrences of decay. EHB60 Professional displays high strength and impact resistance, and is cured and ready to paint within a 4 hour period (at 20-45ºC). EHB60 Professional is supplied in a specially designed side-by-side cartridge that fits into a custom made extrusion tool, accurately dispensing the material. Once cured, EHB60 Professional can be machined, drilled and accepts nails, screws etc. EHB60 Professional is coatable with most decorative wood finishes. The special ‘non-slump’ formula allows it to seamlessly replace large sections of wood in applications such as windows, doors, beams, gutters, soffits and fascia’s. This product has a minimum 24 month shelf life.


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