Silicone Spray 400ml

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Quick Overview
- Lubricates
- Prevents wear
- Rust and corrosion-resistant
- Water-repellant
- Electric insulating
- For in and outdoor use
- Aerosol can be used in any angle (360°)

400ml Spray Can
Silicone Spray is a transparent spray with lubricating and anti-adhesive characteristics based on high-grade silicone oil. APPLICATIONS - Lowers friction and reduces wear of mechanical parts and is ideally suited for light lubrication of plastics and rubbers such as sliding doors and rubber seals. In addition, prevents dirt and grease deposits and is therefore ideally suited for rails. Silicone spray also creates a water-repellent layer and protects the electric wiring of cars, engines, lawn mowers, etc. from moisture. Gives plastics and rubber a glossy finish. Applicable within a wide temperature range: -40 °C to +200 °C. Not to be used for brake drums and brake discs. Treated surfaces cannot be painted.