PCD/FSB/2506 - Fibreboard PCD Sawblade 250mm x 6T x 30mm

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Quick Overview
D1 10 inches
D1 250 mm
Bore 30 mm
Kerf 2.4 mm
Plate thick 1.6 mm
No. of Teeth 6
Tooth form TCG
Hook 12 degrees
Quick Selector No. 25.1
Cut Finish Coarse
Max rpm 85000
It is recommended that the blade should not project more than 1mm out of bottom of substrate.
PCD sawblade for use on cement fibre board and tool-wearing material eg laminate, solid wood and ultra hard materials. Precision EDM ground high-quality industrial polycrystalline diamond cutting tips. Flat tooth with chamfer (Triple Chip Grind) tips for cleaner cut. Laser cut hardened body. Longer life, faster cleaner cuts with less dust. Up to 60 times longe life when compared to TCT blades. Ideal for Hardie-Board cladding, Aqua board, Minerit, Eternit and MDF. Portable, bench and mitre saw use