Oxalic Acid Crystals - 1kg

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Oxalic Acid Crystals are slightly toxic and therefore protective equipment, such as gloves and safety glasses should be used.
Product Description
Oxalic Acid Crystals remove stains such as ink from wood, rust stains from a variety of materials such as concrete and also mildly bleaches wood. Oxalic Acid can also help removal of rust from metal surfaces. Oxalic Acid is also used to treat Varroa Mite in beehives, and for cleaning fibreglass boat decks and hulls. Oxalic Acid is found naturally in many plants. Oxalic Acid is supplied in the form of fine white crystals, which should be diluted by adding approximately 75-100g of crystals to 1 litre of warm water. This solution should be applied to a stain, left to dry and then rinsed with clean water.