Everbuild Threadlock GP Blue (Medium) - 10g

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Quick Overview
•Medium strength for easy disassembly if necessary.
•Gap filling to 0.25mm.
•Quick initial bond (5-10 minutes)

•Do not put into service until full bond strength is achieved.
•Do not use on polycarbonate or other sensitive plastics.
•Do not use on plated or anodized surfaces.

NB: Shake well before use and surfaces must be clean (will tolerate a light oily film) and dry.
A medium strength, self curing, anaerobic adhesive for locking threads on most nuts, bolts and screws which may need to be disassembled. Examples include hydraulic system bolts, gearboxes, countersunk screws and most construction equipment. Can be used on “as received” and oil contaminated threads/nuts.