Lumberjack 5minute PU Wood Adhesive - 750g

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Quick Overview
Size - 750g bottle

Areas of us:-
•The product may be used internally or externally.
•Used to bond most types of wood (hard, soft, exotic, painted wood), Formica, polystyrene foam, PU foam and glass wool to porous surfaces.
•Also adheres to metal, stone, concrete, brick, masonry and various plastics.
•Typical areas of use include wood jointing and construction, window and door frames, door manufacture, boat building, staicases, ladders and much more.

•One of the surfaces must be porous.
•Not suitable for polythylene, propoylene, teflon or nylon.

NB: Ensure surfaces are always clamped during cure.
Everbuild Lumberjack 5minute Polyurethane Wood Adhesive is a red one par moisture curing wood adhesive which sets hard in 5 minutes. The product is supplied as a liquid which is 100% seawater proof, gives exceptionally high bond strength and is resistant to most chemicals. The product foams slightly on application to fill small gaps, which increases bond strength.