Dewalt DCB182 4.0Ah 18V XR Li-Ion Battery

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Quick Overview
Extended runtime and optimised power
High Capacity Battery
No memory effect and virtually no self-discharge
Excellent electrical characteristics
Compatible with all Dewalt XR Li-Ion 18V Tools

The Dewalt DCB182 4.0Ah 18V Li-Ion Battery from ITS offers extended runtime and optimised power to complete applications quickly.

By constantly monitoring tool and battery operation the intelligent electronic module and switch maximise performance and prevent damage caused by overload or temperature build up.

LED State of Charge Indicator helps manage battery pack charging, whilst the lightweight design provides upgraded 4Ah Power without increasing the size or weight over the 18V 3Ah battery pack.

The battery design reduces fatigue and improves access with excellent electrical characteristics such as no memory effect and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity along with less downtime.