Deventer 5717 Weather Seal 250m - Black

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Quick Overview
Roll Size - 250m

- Working temperature -40°C - +120°C.
- Age, weathering, UV and ozone resistant.
- Good physical and thermal quality.
- Good deflection recovery.
- With a hard back, the foot of the Deventer seal easily fits and grips in the groove.
- With overstretch protection for perfect corner joints.

- For Timber and Timber-Aluminium clad windows and doors.
- Interior and exterior doors.
- Suitable for acoustic (40db) and smoke proof windows and doors.
A premium quality Tempo Dual Wiping / Compression weatherseal from Deventer with a closed cell micro foam for ensuring that no water absorption is possible, coupled with good aesthetics and no wavy effects post installation. Features a rigid back for easy installation and to prevent stretching. Made of first-class materials TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and TPS (thermoplastic elastomer foam) with excellent mechanical properties. The closed cell foam and hollow chamber gives a high tolerance and an acoustic value of 40dB. Colour Stable, Ultra-Violet and Ozone resistant, and conform to the requirement set out for the fire resistant products pursuant to DIN 18095. The high quality material is compatible with thinned acrylic paints and alkyd resin paints containing conventional solvents.* *Paints and coatings of which the properties are unknown must be tested for compatibility in contact with the weatherseals.

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