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Max Door Weight: 75kg
Max Door Width: 1000mm
Max Door Height: 3300mm
Min Door Thickness: 35mm
Max Number of Doors: 8 each way
Brio Weatherfold 4c is an exterior bottom-rolling bifold system for panels up to 75kg. It eliminates the need for a reinforced structural beam above the opening, as all the doors weight is carried by bottom rollers. Bottom-rolling type systems are particularly favoured by architects, as the absence of the restricting top beam also means there is more room for design creativity. Brio Weatherfold 4c is designed to handle timber and aluminium panels up to 75kg with precision and ease. This innovative new Brio hardware system creates openings up to 3.3m high and 16m wide, with up to 8 equal size panels folding seamlessly in each direction.