Axilo 78 Screw Fixing Plinth Foot Top Section (Pack 20)

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Quick Overview
Installation - Screw Fixing

Please watch the video for a demonstration -

The AXILO 78™ system is easy, convenient and efficient. Compromising 6 unique components - the top section, the shaft and foot section, the plinth panel clip, the plinth panel holder, the adjusting tool and finally the extension tool. The system is a specially designed plinth fitting and adjustment tool to enable perfect alignment of cabinetry. Not only saving you time but most importantly allowing you to work without awkward postures; no more bending, crawling or stretching required to get to the back of the cabinets.Using the 6 components, the arm which serves as an extension tool can be used from any angle to slot into the bottom of the specially designed foot section so it can be adjusted higher or lower as required.