3.5 x 55mm Collated (Coarse) Drywall (1000)

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Size: 3.5mm x 55mm
Quantity: 1000
Driver Bit Size: No. 2
Recess Type: Phillips
Product Description
Product Features - Bugle Head: A curved surface under head to prevent damage to surface. Standard recess for self-drilling and drywall screws. Coarse Thread: Single coarse thread fully threaded up to 50mm, partially threaded thereafter. Classic Point: 25° Sharp Point for easy penetration into wood, MDF, chipboard, plastics and thin sheet metal.

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3.5 x 35mm Collated (Coarse) Drywall (1000) 3.5 x 35mm Collated (Coarse) Drywall (1000) Product Code: 28314

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