2nd Fix Fuel Cell (Pack of 2) for Finishing Nailers

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Pack Quantity - 2

- Fully synthetic oil for tool lubrication.
- High quality propellant to increase performance.
- All fuel cells are manufactured in accordance with European regulations for consistent quality.
- Cleaned propane and butane gas to reduce exhaust fumes and improve the working environment.
For use with the second fix brad nailer. The cleaned propane and butane gas with a synthetic oil gives a clean combustion and reduces tool wear. Fully synthetic oil for reduced carbon deposition. Manufactured to European standards and CE approved for consistent quality. FirmaHold fuel cells are designed to be used with many gas nailers without affecting performance. FirmaHold fuel cells have an optimum performance date on the base of the can which indicates the date prior to any decreasing pressure. Fuel cells will react differently in colder temperatures. However, the FirmaHold fuel cells are designed to work down to -5ºC.