XLC Fullex 3 Point Door Lock 3 Hook 45mm Backset - Satin Steel

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Please note!!!!! ***********Will only work with 92mm cc handles where top fixing screw is above the lever**********
45 backset with a 16mm wide faceplate. 2.1m lenght.
2 tapered steel hooks, sintered centre hook and latch.
Dual spindle for front/back door options.
Easily reversible latch as standard.
Integral hold back latch function on
lock faceplate.

The XLC lock has a reversing gearbox so the hook variant of this product has opposing top and bottom hooks. The bottom hook points towards the bottom of the door whilst the centre and top hooks point toward the top of the door. There is a latch and hook in the centre. The centre case has dual spindles with 62mm and 92mm centres. PAS23/24 and Secured by Design.