Maco M-Spag Shoots for 20845 (2 required per sash)

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Quick Overview
Shoots for use with product code 20845 (See related products).

- Unique, flexible design, with telescopic arms.
- Single, ‘rapid–fit’ design for easy installation.
- Maximum security exceeding current required standards.
- Streamlined system is efficient to store, deliver and fit.
- 10 Year product warranty.
- Capable of achieving PAS 24.
- Endurance tested to Grade 5, 25,000 cycles EN 13126 Part 4.
Telescopic shootbolt espagnolette allows for the fabrication of a wide range of easy to operate window styles from a single high security locking system. Four telescopic sizes and one croppable size, covering an application range of 320mm up to 1500mm. The module design allows extension pieces to be fitted to increase the sash rebate size, to position the handle off-centre, to increase the number of striker plates and to be used on French casement windows. Low handle height option for limited access situations. Suitable for use on windows with a minimum 5mm eurogroove.
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